Major Accomplishments


·         National productivity award 1988-89 (National Productivity Council, Govt. of India) 

·         DSIR recognition 1990 

·         ELCINA award-1993 for excellence in R&D for the work done in the field of Forming technology 

·         EFY award 2009 to 2013 

·         MPP capacitors are BIS certified


Our initial R&D effort were to develop ‘Forming’ (Anodization) technology of Anode foil which is the main raw material for Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors. After successful development of the Forming technology at the lab, pilot plant was established by 1987. By 1990, full scale forming plant was commissioned. From 1990 onwards our main efforts were to develop Electrolytes, used for the manufacturing of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors. The performance of capacitors mainly depends on the selection of electrolyte. In those days 11 types of electrolytes were imported from Japan to cover the entire electrolytic capacitor range that had been manufactured. The electrolytes for Aluminium electrolytic capacitors are  conductive organic fluid which contain several organic/inorganic solutes and additives with very sophisticated formula and the formulation varies with rated temperature and voltage of the capacitors. With intense R&D effort combined with our years of experience in this field, we were able to formulate and manufacture all types of electrolytes for our manufacturing requirements of Aluminium electrolytic capacitors. By the year 2006, 100% indigenization was achieved with electrolytes and all imports had been stopped.

The development and implementation of Forming technology and Electrolyte technology not only reduced our manufacturing cost but also helped us to improve the performance and production flexibility considerably. The imported raw material content reduced considerably by these efforts.

Meanwhile R&D effort were also focused on diversifying the products. An initial investment of Rs.230 lakhs in the year 2008 had been done to facilitate Metallized Polypropylene capacitor production.

From year 2008 onwards, we were focused on the development of +105°C very long-life Radial aluminium electrolytic capacitors and high C-V product screw terminal capacitors. By year 2015 an investment of Rs. 395 lakhs had been done to commercialize these developments. 

We also engaged in the formulation of special formulation of special polyurethane resin used for the encapsulation of MPP capacitors, development of custom designed resin production facilities and increasing the overall test and manufacturing facility of MPP capacitor. An investment of Rs. 530 lakhs had been done in the year 2017 for commercialising these activities. Since our in-house developed polyurethane resin have very specific properties, conventional polyurethane resin and PMDI hardener metering, mixing and dispensing equipment available in India and abroad are found not effective. Intense R&D effort had been done for developing automatic metering, mixing and dispensing unit suitable to our PU resin. We had successfully developed and build a prototype automatic metering and mixing unit with an investment of 3.97 lakhs in the year 2017, which is currently applied in the encapsulation process production line successfully. A modified version of this with integrated dispensing unit is under development.